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<iframe src="" width="100%" height="400" seamless style="border: 0; padding: 0; margin: 0; overflow: hidden;"></iframe>

Shortcode usable for embedding the iFrame CMS instances:

[faukarte url=""]

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Selected layers

Move layers to select or deselect them or to change their order. The first layer is visible from the start. Use the layer control to activate the other layers.


  • RRZE-OSM German Style

  • Esri WorldImagery

  • Erlangen Luftbild

  • Stamen Toner

  • OpenTopoMap

  • Wikimedia

Available layers

  • RRZE-OSM Landuse

  • Erlangen Luftbild 2013

  • Erlangen Luftbild 2016

  • Erlangen Luftbild 2018

  • OpenStreetMap France

  • OpenStreetMap Humanitarian

  • Hydda Full

  • Hydda Base

  • Stamen Toner Background

  • Stamen Toner Lite

  • Stamen Watercolor

  • Stamen Terrain

  • CartoDB Positron

  • CartoDB Dark Matter